Brianna Morrison
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Brianna Morrison

NZ Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Level 3) Carpentry

Before choosing to study Construction at SIT, Brianna Morrison knew she didn’t want a job where she would be stuck in an office all day. Brianna said “I have always enjoyed working with timber and creating something new out of it”. She also possessed other qualities that made construction a great choice for her – a natural drive to prove to herself and others that she could do the job, and knowing she was capable of hard manual work.

Brianna said the course built up her confidence as she was taught how to use the tools of the trade appropriately. Not everybody can say they have the skills to build their own home, but Brianna is well on the way. The pre-trade course Brianna undertook gives students the opportunity to complete a range of small projects, as well as the challenge of building a three bedroom house. She said she learnt all the different components that make up a house and how to build one, with the benefit of being able to put all the theory into practice on the house she and her class were involved in building.    

With the successful completion of her qualification, she intends to continue in the building industry by  finding an apprenticeship. This will allow her to further her study and become a qualified builder/ carpenter.

Brianna also showed her skill and dedication by winning the Southland Registered Master Builders Association Award for Top Student – Carpentry Pre-trade, Intake 3 - 2019. Brianna said she felt proud of herself for achieving the award. “ It proves to myself and others that a female can belong in a trade and be just as good as a guy,” she said.