Sera-Therise - Bachelor of Information Technology
Publish Date: Tuesday, 9 January 2024
Sera-Therise - Bachelor of Information Technology
Sera-Therise from Germany is enjoying the opportunity to study overseas as she completes papers towards her Bachelor of IT, at SIT Invercargill.

Bachelor of Information Technology

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Exchange student Sera-Therise from Germany has chosen to include a year’s study overseas in New Zealand to complete papers towards a Bachelor of IT, at SIT Invercargill.

Sera-Therise says she first developed an interest in computer science around age 15,  while at high school. Completing her A-Levels, “in Germany its called Abitur”, Sera-Therise graduated and enrolled in university in September 2021, at age 19.

The German university Sera-Therise attends is a partner school with SIT; she found out about going on exchange to New Zealand through her university and the staff from SIT’s International Office.

“At the moment I am enrolled in Bachelor of IT in Year 2,  second semester, however I am also taking a class in the third semester since it is going to benefit my studies in Germany,” she explains.

Sera-Therise says she came to SIT with no expectations. She likes the opportunity to speak more English while studying here, “which I enjoy because my peers in Germany rarely speak English”.

In the Bachelor of IT programme, Sera-Therise is enjoying the Game Development 1 and System Security papers. “I think Game Development is well done, especially with the Lab work because you get to know how to build a game and every aspect around it as well.”

Up to this point, the most valuable lessons Sera-Therise has gained from her SIT studies, have been “don’t leave anything to the last minute”, and she also advises keeping an eye on the project when working in groups. “Don´t trust your group members that they will do the work.”

The best part of the IT programme for Sera-Therise is having quality tutors, Game Development tutor, Joshua Hayes, and Object Orientated Databases / System Security tutor, Abdul Rehman.  “In my opinion they are great tutors, they make the lectures interesting and interactive. Courses with them are fun and I look forward to them. It doesn’t feel as closed off as I’ve experienced with some tutors,” she says.

Another highlight has been meeting new people, and SIT’s campus cat is a friend; Sera-Therise enjoys getting some feline cuddles between classes.

When she first arrived in Invercargill Sera-Therise admits she was afraid of not fitting in. “I had a fear of being left out, since I joined the second year and one class in the third year in the second semester. However, the people I’ve met so far are lovely and wonderful.”

After returning home and finishing her degree in Germany, Sera-Therise is planning on working in the IT - security field. She’s also intending to complete a Master’s in Marine IT. She has some practical advice for prospective students: “Have your timetable planned out, and don’t worry too much.”