Vivian Angster - Bachelor of Information Technology
Publish Date: Tuesday, 9 January 2024
Vivian Angster - Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology

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Vivian Angster was enrolled in a similar IT course in another New Zealand city, when discovering the Zero Fees Scheme at SIT changed the game. She enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology at SIT Invercargill instead. “I bid farewell to my former job, packed my bags and made my way to the south of the south!”

Throughout her teens and twenties, Vivian’s experiences in administrative and client-facing roles had her contemplating qualifications in Business or Information Technology. Ultimately, it was the dynamic and innovative nature of the IT sector which drew her in, and as Vivian has ventured into the unfamiliar territory of IT, she’s found herself “enthralled by the complexities of everyday technologies.”

Vivian acknowledges and values the depth of knowledge in SIT’s tutors. “Their professional and approachable demeanour fosters an excellent class environment,” she says. As part of her degree, Vivian has also been able to take electives aligned with her interests in communication and management. “I’m always eager find efficient, creative ways of bringing together ideas from different personalities and skills,” she explains.

The IT programme has presented its own set of challenges for Vivian. “You don’t really grasp ‘Programming Language’ as a completely different language until you’re understanding it as if someone were speaking Klingon to you!” she says with a laugh.

Vivian’s most valuable lesson so far has been learning to consider the practical applications of the IT degree programme content. “While studying, I’m constantly thinking about how I can apply what I’m learning to real-life scenarios. That’s a perspective worth holding on to,” she says.

The Zero Fees Scheme plays a pivotal role in Vivian being able to study her degree with minimal student debt. She believes in the necessity of making courses more accessible, particularly in innovation-driven fields like Information Technology, “to keep New Zealand on par with the growth of the global space,” she says.

As someone who moved here from another country (Samoa), Vivian has discovered  Invercargill to be quite culturally diverse; something she’s found interesting and enjoyable.

“There are lots of international friends to be made, I’ve been able to experience different cultural aspects, such as foods, different styles of yoga, and picking up phrases in other languages, such as "Buena Onda!" which is Good Vibes!”

Vivian also enjoys the spaciousness of Invercargill city. “It’s very spread out, which doesn't make it feel as big a city as it is, it’s not crowded into one [small] area. I like it, ”she says.

Balancing it with her studies, Vivian works part-time at F45 Training. “I wear multiple hats in administration, marketing and management,” she says. The role allows Vivian to utilise her communication skills, which she has developed over time and views as one of her strongest attributes. 

Vivian has drawn on experience from her past work in administration and client-facing positions, to mould her current role to suit her strengths by blending elements of customer service, leadership and technology. She says she’s using this adaptable approach as a compass to navigate the Information Technology field.

With two years of study still ahead, Vivian is keen to see what career opportunities will unfold upon graduation. “I really do believe in just going after what you are great at doing and put that into a space where you wouldn’t normally go.”

Her advice to prospective students echoes her own journey; she encourages others to try something new and different.  She suggests “Break the mould. Bring your interests and strengths and infuse them into an industry that did not expect to meet someone like you.”