Here’s why you should enrol in SIT’s Cloud Computing Course
Publish Date: Tuesday, 9 August 2022
Here’s why you should enrol in SIT’s Cloud Computing Course
Dylan Reeves, IT Architect, teaches a properly hands-on course, where the students learn to deploy cloud workloads, automate the process, and manage resources.

Cloud Computing - Flexible Learning

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If you’re looking to expand your IT skills into Cloud Computing, you can now study from anywhere in New Zealand by enrolling in SIT’s Cloud Concepts paper. This part-time course is delivered via HyFlex, meaning you can join in person, online, or time-shifted as lectures and materials are all available online for independent study at any time of day or night that suits you.

This NZQA accredited Level 6 paper is part time over 17 weeks, designed for IT engineers and students with a moderate to high level of technical knowledge or experience and gives hands-on experience creating and deploying workloads in the public cloud.

First delivered in 2020, the Cloud Concepts paper is the most popular elective for SIT’s second and third year Bachelor of Information Technology students, and from July 2023, is being opened up so students can attend from all across New Zealand as the course is now available by HyFlex, a study system that allows students to learn by any combination of in-person, live lectures by distance, or time-shifted study.

The paper focuses on use cases for cloud computing, technologies used by cloud providers - with special focus on industry giants Microsoft Azure and AWS - and gives students a thorough grounding in some of the most modern and leading-edge technologies in cloud computing. The course culminates with a real-life deployment project including automated builds, cloud networking, and infrastructure resource management.

Could computing is one of the skills with most shortage in the technology sector – not just in New Zealand, but globally. SIT is leading the way for people in all situations to be enabled to learn these skills, and this paper delivered by HyFlex ensures that it’s available to everyone, including those already in employment who want to gain cloud computing skills.


Experienced tutor

Developed and taught by Dylan Reeves, an experienced IT Architect, the paper is a natural progression from mentoring engineers in his workplaces. Reeves’ day job is working in the IT industry designing with, and using, the tools he’s teaching about, which means he has a deep understanding of what students need to know for them to be work-ready with cloud computing.

Working at HW Richardson in Invercargill as Enterprise Architect, Reeves spent five years with the SIT Information Technology Services Department during which he helped upskill fellow engineers, and this naturally spilled into supporting and mentoring students – at first with internships and capstone projects, and then to formally teaching the special topic Cloud Concepts paper.

Delivering the paper via HyFlex is critical to student success. By enabling people to join the live lectures and workshops remotely, or access recorded versions with support, students benefit much more from the tutor’s experience, enthusiasm, and immense knowledge than if they undertook a self-guided online course, or traditional distance study.

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