Sean Aucamp
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Sean Aucamp

Bachelor of Professional Communication

Sean Aucamp migrated to New Zealand in 2002 from South Africa.  He had a varied career up until that point but when he began seeking work in NZ, he “hit a brick wall”. Employers wanted NZ experience and NZ qualifications, so after seeing a TV ad for Zero Fees he took the opportunity to study Business with SIT2LRN. “The moment I got my Permanent Residency, I enrolled!”

Sean enjoys the flexibility of distance learning. “Studying at my pace, in my own time, and the online delivery is a bonus. I like the fact that I can enrol for different papers at different times during the year - when it suits me. I work full time and cannot afford the time to attend lectures.”

In fact he has studied part time via correspondence for most of his career.  “I usually review what the course requires, and whether or not some of the papers may be relevant to my job or a project I am working on. I spend most weekends working on assignments etc. and have been doing so for many years. It just became habit. My partner also studied at the same time as I did, and is doing so again now. So it is just something that happens in our household.”

This year, Sean commenced studying for a Bachelor of Professional Communication with SIT2LRN, to enhance his skills for his current job as a Service Support and ISO Manager at Argus Fire Protection in Auckland.  He says, “I enjoy teaching and mentoring. I want to share my knowledge with others, help improve processes and systems in a business and just feel that I contribute to my own, and others' success and achievements.”