Megan Hiew
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Megan Hiew

Bachelor of Professional Communication

Megan Hiew grew up in Auckland, a happy home-schooler with a passion for filmmaking and creative writing. Her mother had studied Landscape Design with SIT2LRN and spoke highly of her learning experience, so after completing Year 13 Megan enrolled in the Diploma in Digital Film with SIT2LRN where she revelled in the practical recording and editing experience.

In 2015, Megan embarked upon SIT2LRN’s Bachelor of Professional Communication.  As a young person at the beginning of her career, she acknowledges that the wide range of subjects and transferable skills in the degree course were a big attraction. “Whether for reports or film plots, writing is something I truly enjoy.  Whichever career I’m led to, the Bachelor of Professional Communication is equipping me with personal, cultural, and business communication skills I can use for life!”

Megan really values the flexibility of studying via distance learning, with no travel time or constraints on when she can study during the week, and the communication with fellow students using the online discussion boards.

She raves about her SIT2LRN experience. “I really appreciate the concise study guides, focus on relevant, hands-on assignments, and activities that help to form my own point of view.  Comprehensive feedback on my assignments from my tutors helped immensely.”

All the best with your studies Megan!