Steven Marbach
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Steven Marbach

Major in Marketing and Management

Originally from Germany, and now living in Invercargill, Steven Marbach came to New Zealand and Invercargill part way through last year.
Having previously worked as a software developer in a large German company, he applied for and was accepted into the Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing and Management for the 2019 year.
Prior to starting his studies at the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), Steven had complete about four semesters of study in computer engineering and commercial IT and a Diploma in Software Development.
He chose New Zealand to complete further education because it has always been his second home, having lived here for 3 years from 2006.
“I have wanted to come back to the amazing people, lifestyle and picturesque landscapes New Zealand has to offer,” says Steven.
“I chose SIT specifically because of the Zero Fees scheme, which I think is a great motivator for students to come to Invercargill.”
Steven heard about SIT through a family friend who also gained a degree at SIT.
“The course itself is amazing,” he says.
“SIT has some awesome tutors too.
“ I personally enjoy having all the classrooms close by and being able to engage with other students on campus.”
Although Steven has only just started his degree course, he has established a small business. This has allowed him to put the acquired accounting knowledge to good use already.
“Within the next five years I will strive to build up my own enterprise to incorporate all the things I have learned at SIT into running a successful business. 
For students interested in understanding how the economy and businesses operate and how to successfully own your own business, Steven  would recommend this course. 
“It gives a broad overview over the essential aspects and allows students to focus on certain areas they are particularly interested in. 
“For me these areas are management and marketing.”