Jodi Conway
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Jodi Conway

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce graduate Jodi Conway came back to study at SIT as a mature student. With a working history in manufacturing and social work, she was looking to secure a solid future for her family and made the decision to enrol with SIT’s School of Business. Majoring in marketing and management, Jodi has gained key learning and skills that are transferable across many sectors.  

School of Business Programme Operations Manager Belinda Shuttleworth states that “Jodi’s determination and hard-working, positive attitude are major factors contributing to her successful student experience here at SIT. As a faculty, we are immensely proud of all our hard working students and graduates and seeing students succeed with their studies makes us incredibly proud”.

Now currently employed full-time in marketing, Jodi is entertaining the idea of studying part-time towards her Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management and potentially aiming towards the Master of Applied Management in future. With both these qualifications uniquely suited to those looking to increase their chances of advancing their careers with senior management positions, they are flexible and can be studied part-time while students are employed.

What’s On Invers, Invercargill’s local news and events website has also given Jodi the opportunity to be part of their team. Connections through her course at SIT opened the door for this experience when What’s On Invers founder, Mike Sanford, was invited to speak to an Integrated Marketing Communications class in 2016. Industry links such as these are refreshing for students and help to forge the link between theory and practice, something Jodi appreciated as a student keen on getting as much practical experience as possible.

“Second chance education as a mature student has been a very rewarding experience in terms of personal development and growth, as well as the knowledge gained throughout the Bachelor of Commerce programme”, says Jodi.

SIT’s School of Business is well-respected, with a tutor team comprising extensive industry knowledge, teaching expertise and genuine care for students. The Bachelor of Commerce is unquestionably an exceptional and successful study path leading to multiple career options.