Sherice Drain
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Sherice Drain

NZ certificate in Beauty Therapy

Southland born and raised, Sherice Drain left her home town of Riverton to work in Perth for a few years, before returning to New Zealand and the deep south to complete a Certificate in Beauty Therapy (Level 4) at the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT).

She hadn’t completed any study prior to applying at SIT and wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I didn’t expect it to be so well equipped.

“Everything was amazing, such great tutors that really cared and helped out with tons of knowledge and great facilities that had everything you could need throughout the course,” Sherice says.

She particularly enjoyed going to the Hilton for spa treatments and to Dunedin to the a and p museum.

“It gave me some real motivation and drive and made me realise that what I put into something is what I’ll get out of it.”

A typical theory day for Sherice would include being in the classroom with booklets going through a presentation or work on the board, and practical days involved setting up for clients in the morning then signing off evidence for treatments, filling out consultation forms and cleaning up.

“We had a good variation of theory and practical,” she says.

Sherice is currently working as a beauty therapist, a position one of her tutors put her name forward for.

 “I do many treatments, including lash lifting, extensions, facials, massage, tinting, waxing, laser therapy, manicure pedicures and more.”

She would recommend SIT to other prospective students looking to enter the industry and hopes to one day return to Southland to work as a therapist.