Scratch Lounge and Level 3 Music Group Present : Iron Flowerz the new EP by ‘SCIZZORHANDS’ AND ‘KEVIN POSEY’
Publish Date: Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Scratch Lounge and Level 3 Music Group Present : Iron Flowerz the new EP by ‘SCIZZORHANDS’ AND ‘KEVIN POSEY’
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Today April 16th, independent artists ‘Scizzorhands’ and ‘Kevin Posey’ are proud to present you their first full collaborative project ‘Iron Flowerz’.


After successful engagement in their previous collaborative works, including songs on each other's albums and a single on Base FM’s ‘Turn it Up’ compilation, Scizzorhands and Posey started entertaining the idea of an EP.


This EP was made remotely. The outbreak of Covid-19 caused a divide in the duo’s usual studio workflow. Kevin headed back to his hometown Oklahoma U.S.A, moments before New Zealand went into its first lockdown. Consequently forcing them to find a new way to create.


The Duo have often expressed their working relationship to be organic and simply a friendship that just works. Kevin expressed, “It is always a certain level of excitement when collaborating with Scizzorhands. I can take off my producer hat and just be an MC and a vocalist.”. Scizzorhands added, “I feel as though Kevin and I work best together in the studio because we vibe so well together. It causes projects to snap together quickly, but this project wasn’t the norm. Working together remotely had its own issues but with the power of the internet and rapid file sharing we could still make it happen”.  Kevin Posey came up with the name ‘Iron Flowerz’, he explains “The title name ‘Iron Flowerz’ is a play on our names combined and the feel of the records. Scizzorhands other alias is ‘Iron Fingahz’ and my surname ‘Posey’ is a flower. This was the last thing we had to do to make this project complete.”  Scizzorhands adds, “I quickly agreed, as the music we make together is usually a beautiful message wrapped in hard sounding beats. Thus ‘Iron Flowerz’ was born.”.


The EPs opening track features New Zealand’s rapping sister Bella Shanti. It seemed logical to Scizzorhands and Kevin to start the project with a track that has a laid back vibe to it. On this beat, Kevin shares his perspective on living in the ‘Southside’ of Oklahoma City, while Bella shares her perspective of being raised in a similar neighbourhood in Aotearoa. Both on opposite sides of the earth it shows how much southside neighbourhoods around the globe are very similar.


Second up is ‘Yeah’. In this song Kevin Posey and Mazbou Q give you an insight to being black. The song starts with great wisdom from two of the world’s greatest political activist minds, Tame Iti and Malcom X. Being a statement song both Scizzorhands and Kevin decided to leave it without a chorus but have a tense slow build up in instrumentation and verses that would make anyone's hair stand up. The result is not only an inside take, but a history lesson. Both emcee’s end their verses with solid statements. Kevin states “Divide the states, lock ‘em up and enslave ‘em. From the good and hood niggas, stop, frisk ‘em, take ‘em, and break em. Praise to the most high he would never forsake ‘em. I am one of them look at my face you can never erase ‘em.”. Mazbou concludes his verse with “Though the history of this nation has worser evils, every bar I spit for the freedom of both our people. Look into my face can’t erase me, I am the sequel”.


The Third Song on the project is ‘Oklabama’, a riding jam featuring Alabama native but L.A based ‘Chozxn’. The beat sent to Kevin gave him a sense of being a country boy from Oklahoma so he reached out to Chozxn who had a similar vibe but being from Alabama. They both agreed to call the song ‘Oklabama’. Simply put, it’s a song for cruising.


The last song on the project also features L.A rapper ‘Chozxn’. This song is an ode to ‘Scizzorhands’ and ‘Kevin Posey’s’ favorite era of club music, the 2000’s. Having never made club joints or party music before, Scizzorhands wanted to challenge himself and make something more upbeat and fun. After sending the skeleton idea to Kevin and a  Zoom call to steer the direction. Scizzorhands left Kevin and Chozxn to lace the vocals. The result is an up-beat fun song that will make you get up on your feet. @me was born.





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