Read through our student's stories and see what a difference studying at Telford has made for them. 

Tom Adkins

Telford Student - Tom AdkinsThe dog program is brilliant

Has been with Telford since the beginning of 2017 completing a Certificate 3 in Agriculture. Tom came from Whanganui High School, his parent’s farm in the area and Tom had some time working on the family farm in holidays.

Before deciding on Telford Tom talked with people who had been involved and decided it had a good reputation. He came to a Taster Camp and liked what he saw and did during the 4 days. Tom had not taken any agriculture courses at high school and after the taster experience decided he needed a good working knowledge of farming before he could develop a career in agriculture.

Tom came to Telford with the philosophy that you get out what you put in. At Telford Tom says the staff are great they are always there to help. The work experience on other farms gives us a wider view on farming practice and helps complete our working experience here. The dog program is brilliant, my dog Jazz has been an interesting, stressful, fun and highly rewarding all at once.

Tom’s interests are hockey, hunting and diving he says the hockey here is a little thin but there are plenty of hunting and diving places to enjoy.

His career goals are to complete a Diploma in Agriculture then go on to a management qualification and secure a job as a high country shepherd and ultimately enter into a farm equity partner arrangement.

Tom Adkins


Telford Student - Alex Hood

I made friends for life here

Alex studied at Marlborough High School where she studied equine by correspondence. She met Telford at a careers expo in Nelson and after 2 taster camps decided Telford was the place.

Alex says Telford would not be Telford without the tutors and staff, the hostel is one large family and she has made friends for life here.

Alex and her dog Ace have been on a yearlong journey together understanding how each other works their likes and dislikes, she never owned a dog before coming here. Although Alex plans to travel before settling into a farm role Ace will only be lent to a caring farm while she is away Ace is definitely not for sale.

Alex says that ‘Otago can be a little dark and cold in winter however in summer its light and warm and a very nice place to live.

Alex wants to complete a Diploma in Agriculture before traveling to the UK, USA, Germany and Australia, she wants to experience farming and work at an equine centre in Germany to broaden her work experience.

Returning to New Zealand Alex wants to become a farm consultant or a farm management role.

Alex Hood


Telford Student - Alex McLean

Big family atmosphere and everyone looks out for each other

Alex is our youngest student in 2017, he attended Otago High Logan Park School and didn’t have any agriculture training there. Having decided that agriculture and farming were his career goals he attended a taster camp and that confirmed to Alex that farming and Telford were the combination to realise his dream and goals.

Alex’s ambition before he launched his career was to gain a qualification that offered both the practical on farm skills and the knowledge that supported his skills.

He likes Telford because of big family atmosphere here everyone looks out for each other. The night tutorials where you can get extra help and the staff are there to help anytime. Alex’s dogs are Tip and Boss and he considers them part of his team he can offer a future employer.

Alex’s career goal is to complete a Diploma in Agriculture and spend some time shepherding on a high country station, and then he wants to move into farm management and longer term either a partnership or farm ownership, likes hunting and has worked as a hunting guide.

Alex McLean


One big supportive family

Telford Student - Tara EdwardsTara went to Trident High School in Whaketane and enrolled in an entry level agriculture programme.  Tara explains her attraction to farming ‘as every day is different but the same, if you know what I mean’.

Tara came to Telford to prove she could achieve a qualification on her own. She describes Telford as one big supportive family including the staff and students. Tara thinks the rural setting can be a little challenging sometimes and recommends students have transport.

Tara has secured a role on the Telford dairy unit, she is looking forward to starting her new job and working with the students. A longer term goal she would like is to move into teaching agriculture once she has experience to call on. Tara enjoys hunting and outdoor adventure activities.

Tara Edwards


Telford Student  - Flynn Stewart

Friend Family supportive atmosphere

Flynn is from Kumara on the West Coast, he went to Greymouth High School where he studied agriculture.

Flynn decided on Telford after talking to his brother and partner who met at Telford.

When asked what he likes about Telford he talks about the friendly family supportive atmosphere, meeting Balclutha locals and the rural setting of the campus. He enjoys the work experience on other farms.

He has learnt so much here both in the class room and on the farms. One of Flynn’s great passions is driving tractors especially big ones and agriculture contracting will feature on his career goals list along with farm ownership.

Flynn Stewart


Telford Student - Emma Holland

Tutors and staff offer great support and everything is on -site

Emma went to Timaru Girls High where she studied Agriculture Science that started her down the agriculture career road.

Emma decided on Telford because her impression was that staff were practical people with the same interest in agriculture, she quickly adds her impressions were correct. The tutors and staff offer great support and everything is on-site. She enjoys work experience and although a little nervous when first arriving on a new farm she never wants to leave when it’s time to go back to Telford. Emma thinks the dogs teach the students as well as the students training their dogs with this programme. Her dog Clint is one of her best friends.

Emma wants to complete a Diploma in Agriculture and after gaining some real farm experience she wants to manage a farm manage a farm.

Emma Holland