Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce

Your global business journey starts here! SIT's Bachelor of Commerce will equip you with the theory and practical skills required to succeed in business, both locally and worldwide.

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Key Details

Three years full-time

Part-time study is available

Study Modes:
On Campus

2021 Semester 1: 15 February to 25 June

2021 Semester 2: 12 July to 19 November


This programme is eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme.

  • No Tuition Fees
  • Direct Material Costs $505 (Y1), $505 (Y2) and $505 (Y3).

International Fees can be found here.

Your global business journey starts here! SIT's Bachelor of Commerce will equip you with the theory and practical skills required to succeed in business, both locally and worldwide.

With a choice of three majors (accounting, management or marketing), enjoy the mix of academic theory and interactive learning experiences which will give you a strong commercial grounding in business. SIT tutors have strong links with local businesses and focus on creating opportunities whereby you can obtain real world experience before you graduate. Tailor your degree and launch your career in the commercial field.

This three-year, full-time (or equivalent part-time) programme that will give you the analytical, technical and practical skills to apply your knowledge effectively in your career. It is approved and accredited with both Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and NZQA.

Our compulsory first year papers will equip you with the solid business grounding, the leadership skills and the global mindset required to help you to succeed in business.   

Alongside technical development, in the following two years of specialised study, you will gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills to apply your knowledge effectively in the business world, providing a stimulating launching pad for your chosen business career.

Year One   
Compulsory Papers - all Bachelor of Commerce Majors     

ACC502 Introduction to Accounting                         

COM540 Professional Communications                  

ECN520 Economics                                              

LAW510 Commercial Law                                      

MAN530 Principles of Management    

Elective papers and additional year one compulsory papers dependent on major

ACC503 Accounting Practices                                

MAN535 Principles of Human Resource Management

MKT571 Principles of Marketing                              

QNT565 Quantitative Analysis                                

ACC504 Introduction to Budgeting and Taxation      

ACC505 Analysis of Financial Information                

Year Two                                                       

ACC601 Financial Accounting                                

ACC602 Management Accounting                          

ACC603 Business Finance                                     

ACC604 Accounting Information Systems               

ACC606 Taxation                                                  

LAW610 Company Law                                         

MAN615 Organisational Behaviour                          

MAN632 Operations Management                           

MAN633 Human Resource Development                 

MAN635 Employment Relations                             

MKT671 Consumer Behaviour                                

MKT673 Integrated Marketing Communication         

MKT675 Marketing Management                             

MKT676 Services Management and Marketing        

MGT604 Sales and Promotion (Through SIT2LRN distance)       

MGT608 Digital Marketing (Through SIT2LRN distance) 

RES680 Research Methods                                   

Year Three                                             

ACC701 Advanced Financial Reporting                   

ACC702 Advanced Management Accounting                            

ACC704 Applied Research Project - Accounting      

ACC705 Auditing                                                      

CON759 Contemporary Issues                               

ETH760 Business Ethics                                       

HTM706 Sustainability in Tourism                           

IBS790 International Business                                

ICE760 Industry Consultation                                 

MAN734 Strategic Management                              

MAN735 Advanced HRM                                       

MAN736 Applied Research Project - Management    

MKT772 Strategic Marketing Management               

MKT774 Applied Research Project - Marketing        

MKT776 Event Management   

WPE700 Workplace Experience                                               

Graduates will have a sound understanding and awareness of the New Zealand business environment alongside practical skills that will add value to a business, either as an employer, employee or business owner.  Possible careers include:

  • Accounting majors can find careers in financial accounting, financial management, corporate accounting, taxation, auditing and business consulting. Students can apply to become members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • Management majors can find careers in production management, supply chain or logistics management, human resources management, project management or general management (after obtaining relevant experience in the business environment)
  • Marketing majors can find careers in marketing and sales management, product management, merchandising, services marketing, market research, brand management, customer services management, key account management or general management (after obtaining relevant experience within a sales and marketing environment)

University Entrance - NCEA Level 3 

 Three subjects at Level 3, made up of:

  • 14 credits each, in three NZQA University Entrance approved subjects, and
  • Literacy – 10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of five credits in reading and five credits in writing, and
  • Numeracy - 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of specified achievement standards through a range of subjects, or a package of three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627 – all three required)

Entry may also be granted to mature applicants who are at least 20 years of age when the programme begins and can provide evidence of aptitude or appropriate work or other experience, or completion of an external or overseas qualification which is considered to be the equivalent of any of the above qualifications as approved by the Programme Leader.

Special Admission
A student who has successfully completed a minimum of four papers in the New Zealand Diploma in Business may transfer their enrolment and be admitted onto the Bachelor of Commerce programme.  The Programme Leader will advise according to the current cross credit schedules.

English Language Requirements

Applicants, whose first language is not English, or who come from a country where the language of instruction in schools is not English, are required to provide evidence of having achieved one of the following

NCEA Level 3 with University Entrance, or

an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Cambridge A- level qualification for which the teaching and assessment was conducted in English; or

Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA),or Trinity College London Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL);or

Successful completion of all primary education (being the equivalent of New Zealand primary school years 1 to 8) and at least three years of secondary education (being the equivalent of three years from New Zealand secondary school years 9 to 13) at schools in either New Zealand,,Australia,Canada, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States one of the countries listed in Rule 18.5 where the student was taught using English as the language of instruction; or

Successful completion of at least five years of secondary education (being the equivalent of New Zealand secondary school years 9 to 13) at schools in either New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States where the student was taught using English as the language of instruction; or

Successful completion of a Bachelor's Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor Honours degree, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters' Degree or Doctoral Degree, the language of instruction of which must be in English and which must be from a tertiary education provider from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States or

Successful completion of one of the following internationally recognised proficiency tests listed below to the level required of the programme of study and with all scores achieved in a single test during the two years preceding the proposed date of enrolment

IELTS test - Academic score of 6 with no band score lower than 5.5
TOEFL Paper based test (pBT) - Score of 550 (with an essay score 5 TWE)
TOEFL Internet based test (iBT) - Score of 60 (with a writing score of 18)
Cambridge English Examination - B2 First or B2 First for schools or C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency with a score of 169. No less than 162 in each skill.
OET - Minimum of Grade C or 200 in all sub-tests
NZCEL - a) Expiring Level b) Current: a) Level 4 (Academic) b) Level 4 (Academic)
Pearson Test of English (Academic) - PTE (Academic) score of 50 with no band score lower than 42
Language Cert - C1 Expert IESOL (LRWS) with PASS and no less than Pass in each skill
Trinity ISE - ISE II with no less than distinction in any band

* New versions of some NZCEL qualifications, and in some cases new qualifications, were published on 13 June 2017. These are intended to replace pre-existing versions and qualifications, which have been given expiring status until discontinued on 31 December 2019. (a) denotes expiring (b) denotes current

Provisional Part time Admission
An applicant who does not meet academic criteria, may be provisionally admitted to enrol in one or more year one papers. Upon successful completion of the papers, the student may apply for admission by mature entry.

Every candidate for the qualification of Bachelor of Commerce, is required to follow to the satisfaction of the Teaching and Learning Board of Studies, a programme of study for a minimum period of three years. Each year of study comprises two 17-week semesters.

Programmes of study for the Bachelor of Commerce are made up of clusters of papers taken at the appropriate levels as outlined in the Programme Schedule.

The Bachelor of Commerce qualification conforms to the NZQA credit requirements of 360 credits from Level 5 to Level 7. Study scheduled for each of Levels 5 to 7 is in accordance with the processes, learning demand, and responsibility that are detailed in the Programme Schedule.

Individual papers may have specific pre-requisites or other knowledge/skill requirements, which may be required to be satisfied by students.

Candidates may withdraw without penalty, provided they do so before the approved withdrawal date for the programme. Refunds and other financial arrangements attached to the SIT Zero Fees Scheme are detailed on the application form, and in the SIT Student Handbook and Policies and Procedures Manual of the QMS.

In order to be awarded the Bachelor of Commerce, the student will have been credited with all required papers and electives as specified in the programme schedule.

A student completing the Bachelor of Commerce will normally be expected to complete the three year programme (full-time equivalent) within ten years.

Notwithstanding the requirements set out above, the Head of Faculty with the approval and recommendation of the Teaching and Learning Board of Studies may allow a student a longer period to complete the programme.

ACC502 Introduction to Accounting 
Accounting: an introduction 
9781486004546 2nd 
Atrill, P.,  McLaney, E, Harvey, D., Jenner, M. & Weil, S 

ACC503 Accounting Practices Required Accounting Practices : The New Zealand Context 9781442562554 3rd McIntosh, R. Pearson

COM540 Business Communications Required Communication Organisation & Innovation
9781442541535 3rd Barnett, S. & O'Rourke, S.

ECN520 Economics Required Essentials of economics "9781442558069 or 9781486022847 " 2nd or 3rd Garnett, A.M., Lewis, P., Hubbard, R.G., & O’Brien, A.P Pearson

HTM505 Food and Beverage Management Required Food and Beverage Management 9780080966700 5th Davis, B., Lockwood, A.,Pantelidis, I. & Alcott, P. Taylor & Francis Ltd

HTM507 Hotel Operations 
Required Hotel Operations Management 9780134337623 3rd Hayes, D. K., Ninemeier, J. D. & Miller, A. A. Pearson

LAW510 Commercial Law 
Understanding commercial law 9780947514945 9th Miller, L. & Barber, M. LexisNexis New Zealand

MAN530 Principles of Management Recommended Management: The Essentials 9781488609077 3rd Robbins, S., DeCenzo, D., Coulter, M., & Woods, M. Pearson

MAN535 Principles of Human Resource Management Required
HR Manager: A New Zealand Handbook 9781775472940 2nd Rudman, R.
CCH New Zealand Ltd

MKT571 Principles of Marketing Required Principles of Marketing 9781488611841 7th Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S., Volkov, M. & Kotler, P. Pearson

QNT565 Quantitative Analysis Recommended Business Statistics Australia New Zealand 9780170237000 6th Selvanthan, A., Selvanathan, S. & Keller, G. Cengage

ACC601 Financial Accounting 
Required New Zealand Financial Accounting 9780071013086 6th Deegan, C. & Samkin, G. McGraw Hill

ACC602 Management Accounting Required Management Accounting : Information for creating and managing value 9781760420406 8th Langfield-Smith, K., Smith, D., Andon, P., Thorne, H. & Hilton, R.W. McGraw Hill

ACC604 Accounting Information Systems Required Accounting Information Systems, Australasian edition 9781442542594 1st Romney, M., Steinbart, P., Mula, J., McNamara, R. & Tonkin, T. Pearson

ACC606 Taxation Required New Zealand Master Tax Guide for Students  2020 not published yet latest ed C.C.H. New Zealand

HTM606 Tourism and Hospitality Financial Management  Required Hospitality Management Accounting 9780471687894 9th Jagels, M. John
Wiley & Sons Inc

HTM608 Entrepreneurship Required
Entrepreneurship : Theory/Process/Practice 9780170352550 4th
Frederick, H., Kuratko, D. & O'Connor, A. Cengage Learning

LAW610 Company Law Required Commercial Applications of Company Law in New Zealand 9781775470830 5th Walker, G., Pekmezovic, A., Hanrahan, P., Ramsay, I. & Stapledon, G. Wolters Kluwer

MAN615 Organisational Behaviour Required Organizational Behaviour 9780134103983 17th Robbins, S. & Judge, T Pearson 

MAN632 Operations Management Required Operations Management 9781292253961 9th Slack, N. & Brandon-Jones, A. Pearson

MAN633 Human Resource Development Recommended
HR Manager: A New Zealand Handbook 9781775472940 2nd Rudman, R.
CCH New Zealand Ltd

MKT671 Consumer Behaviour Required Consumer Behaviour : Buying, Having Being 9781488616952 4th Solomon, M.R., Russell-Bennett, R., & Previte, J. Pearson Australia

MKT676 Services Management and Marketing Required Services Marketing: An Asia-Pacific and Australian perspective 9781486002702 6th Lovelock, C., Patterson, P. & Wirtz, J. Pearson

ACC701 Advanced Financial Reporting Required New Zealand Financial Accounting 9780071013086 6th Deegan, C. & Samkin, G. McGraw Hill

ACC702 Advanced Management Accounting No textbook required

 ACC704 Applied Research Project - Accounting No textbook required

CON759 Contemporary Issues No textbook required

HTM704 Contemporary Issues in Hotel Management  Class readings provided

HTM706 Sustainability in Tourism
Class readings provided

ICE760 Industry Consultation No textbook required

MAN734 Strategic Management Required Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalisation 9780170373159 6th Asia-Pacific Edition Hanson, D., Hitt, M., Ireland, D. & Hoskisson, R. Cengage Learning

MAN735 Advanced Human Resource Management No textbook required

MAN736 Applied Research Project - Management No textbook required

MKT774 Applied Research Project - Marketing No textbook required

MKT772 Strategic Marketing Management Required Strategic Marketing: Decision-Making and Planning 9780170241236 4th
Reed, P. 

MKT776 Event Management
Required Event Management : For Tourism, Cultural, Business and Sporting Events 9780170394451 5th Wagen, L.V.D. & White, L. Cengage Learning

WPE700 Workplace Experience No textbook required

Please note that textbooks need to be ordered at least 3-4 weeks prior to the commencement of your study

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