Computing short courses at SIT Gore campus

Computing short courses at SIT Gore campus

Computing short courses at SIT Gore campus

Short Course

Computing short courses at SIT Gore campus - Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Power Point

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Short Course
Short Course


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Please note these programmes are not Government funded and the Zero Fees Scheme does not apply. Costs are (GST inclusive):

  • Computing Essentials: $240.00
  • Introduction to Excel: $200.10
  • Intermediate Excel: $160.00

Fees will be invoiced to you on enrolment and must be paid before you commence the programme.

Computing short courses at SIT Gore campus - Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Power Point

Computing Essentials

This computing class will provide you with skills and knowledge relevant to working with computers (and connecting with phones).

You will learn:

  • Managing files: Rename files, create folders, move files into folders, different views which make it easier to work with files
  • Photos from phones to various programmes; Messenger, email etc.
  • Working with email attachments, saving files as PDFs to attach to email
  • Saving files to the cloud (i.e. Dropbox)
  • Setting up Word to work for you, Word basics, shortcuts, creating folders from Word
  • Overview of PowerPoint; the basics
  • Quick ways when using the Internet
  • Discussion time; what do you need to know?

Tuesday 4.30pm - 6:30pm, 


Power Point is a complete presentation graphics package. It gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. You can format all the slides in a presentation using the powerful Slide Master which will be covered in the tutorial. You can animate text and illustrations on the screen using the animation feature as well as add sound effects and narration.

Please enquire directly for dates. Runs for 4 weeks.

Introduction to Excel

Microsoft Excel has become an essential tool in day to day business practices. This five week programme will cover the features of Microsoft Excel from beginners through to intermediate level. This programme will provide assistance to users of the programme and help towards pursuing efficient business processes.

Course content includes: spreadsheet basics, AutoFilter, selecting cells, entering and editing data, adjusting column widths and row heights, adding and deleting rows and columns, formatting data (ie borders, fill colour, merge and center, wrap text, middle align, cell orientation, currency, date and time), format painter, formulas and functions, AutoSum, average, count numbers and text, max and min, show formulas, AutoFill options, headers and footers, page properties and printing options, freeze panes and split screen, absolute cell references, and charts.

Tuesday 5:30 pm - 8:00pm

Intermediate Spreadsheets (Excel)

This four-week course will cover features of Microsoft Excel at intermediate level. This programme will aid users of the programme and help towards pursing efficient business processes.

Course content includes:  Excel basics, basic formulas and functions, basic formatting, adding and deleting comments, flash fill and concatenation, custom lists, basic and complex sorts, AutoFilter, conditional formatting, go to special, calculating dates and times, hiding and unhiding columns and rows, function wizard, more functions (ie IF function, SumIF, CountIF), absolute cell references, error checking, named cells, data integrity checks, copying worksheets, linking worksheets, working with multiple worksheets, paste special, name ranges, data validation, protecting data, macros, and charts.

Runs for four weeks.

Tuesdays 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Contact the Gore Campus on (03) 208 9833 to enrol.

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