Chinese Language Evening Classes - Invercargill

Qualification: Short Course
Level: 1-5

14 Oct to 13 Dec 2019


10 weeks

6pm - 7:30pm

B2: 19

Location: Invercargill

Chinese Language Evening Classes - learn a new language!

SIT are running evening classes in association with the Confucius Institute at University of Canterbury.

Beginner 1

  • Someone has never learnt chinese before

Beginner 2

  • Have learnt Chinese for about 15 hours.
  • Have commanded about 50 words
  • Someone has learnt Chinese alphabet and can introduce onself. 
Beginner 3
  • Have learnt Chinese for at least 30 hours
  • Have commanded about 150 words
  • Someone has known how to ask and tell location and address, date, family members, numbers 1 - 100, daily arrangment and colour
Beginner 5
  • Have learnt Chinese for at least 120 hours
  • Have commanded about 300 words
  • Someone can do basic communication in Chinese on some topics, for example: age, hobby, time and date, family, weather, location, seeing a doctor, sending a letter, exchaging money in a bank etc.


Please note this programme is not Government funded and the Zero Fees Scheme does not apply.  Cost is $100 per semester (incl GST) which will be invoiced to you on enrolment. Fees must be paid before you commence the programme.

Mandarin courses timetable: 

Intermediate 4: Monday 6.00-7.30 pm 

Beginners 5:  Tuesday 6.00-7.30 pm 

Beginners 3:   Wednesday 6.00-7.30 pm 

Beginners 1:    Thursday   6.00-7.30 pm 



Textbook will be provided.

Please note that textbooks need to be ordered at least 3-4 weeks prior to the commencement of your study