Certificate in Te Ara Reo Māori - Gore

Qualification: Certificate
Level: 2

19 February to 3 December 2018


1 year

Location: Gore

This fun and exciting programme is a foundation level of the Māori language which will introduce you to basic tikanga Māori and introductory conversational Māori. 

Learn to speak basic, conversational reo Māori confidently, and learn about Māori customs and protocols in traditional and modern contexts such as the noho marae weekend visit. This programme helps you to research family genealogy and hertiage, teaches formal and informal greeting, along with correct pronunciation in a safe and relaxed learning environment. Te Ara Reo Māori is designed for adult learners and uses a unique style called 'Ako Whakatere' (accelerated learning). 

Te Aô Mâori

WTMTA117.2    Te Ara Pû - Alphabet
                      Tûpou - Pronouns
                      Mihi - Greetings

WTMTA119.2     Whanaungatanga - Relationships
                       Whânau - Family
                       Tokohia? - How many people?

WTMTA120.2     Wâhi - Places
                       He Mea - Objects
                       Mahi Tatau - Numbering and counting
                       Tohutohu - Instructions

Te Wâ
WTMTA122.2     Te Wâ - Time
                       Te Taima - Time
                       Te Tau Mâori - Seasons

Mahi Ngahau
WTMTA123.2     He Mahi - Action
                       He Âhua Inâianei - Present states or conditions
                       Ngâ Hui - Meetings

WTMTA124.2     Wâhi Hararei - Holidays
                       Haerenga - Going Places
                       He Waka - Transport

He Tikanga Marae
WTMTA219.2    Ngâ Wâhanga o te Marae - Parts of the Marae
                       Pôwhiri - Welcome ceremonies
                       He Kupu Ârahi - Vocabulary

Te Tangata  

Tangata Rongonui         
WTMTA221.2    Te Tinana - The Body
                      Ngâ Umanga - Characteristics
                      Pumanawa - Your Attributes
                      Tangata Rongonui - Famous People

The Zero Fees Scheme applies to this programme.

  • No tuition fees
  • No direct material costs.

Open entry - 16 years and over.

For a student to be considered to have satisfactorily completed this programme, and to be eligible for award of the qualification Certificate in Te Ara Reo Máori, they must have:

Attended for not less than 80% of the timetabled class hours and other scheduled learning activities relating to the programme. Completed all scheduled course work requirements and assessments for all units.