Certificate in Options for Supported Learners - Gore

Qualification: Certificate
Level: 1



One year full time

Location: Gore

The programme is designed to enhance the individual educational, social and employment potential of each student and to assist each student to identify suitable pathways to further training.  It is intended to meet the needs of the community for people with disabilities.

NUM001 Numeracy

Explore numbers and calculators in every day life.


COM001 Computing

An introduction to the computer as a communication device.


ART001 Introduction to Visual Arts

Identify and explore elements and principles of the visual arts, using a variety of techniques, tools, materials, processes and procedures.


NUT001 Introduction to Nutrition

Advice about food including how to shop for it, prepare it and cook it.  Students will learn how to understand timing a meal.


PRE001 Personal Presentation for Work Experience

Maintain personal hygiene and present a positive image and personal presentation.


SOC001 Introduction to Social and Cooperative Skills

Develop and practice the social and cooperative skills needed to enhance relationships with other people in a wide range of social and work contexts.


PHY001 Introduction to Physical Activity

Improve and develop coordination, flexibility and agility.


MUS001 Music and Movement

Experiment with elements of music and discover structural devices for shaping sound into music.  Recall rhythms,  patterns, melodies and harmonies and develop an overall enjoyment of music.

After completing this programme students can continue onto the Certificate in Independent Living Skills for Supported Learners, and will have knowledge and skills required to participate in further pre employment training prior to entry into their selected industry.

This is an open entry programme for students aged 16 years or over.

Completed all practical and theory exercises.

Completed all course work requirements. Met the assessment requirements and demonstrated competence in the assessed modules amounting to a total of 120 credits.