Massage therapy: more than a modality
Publish Date: Thursday, 2 December 2010

Smith, J., Sullivan, SJ., & Baxter, GD.

Publication: Journal article: New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, 38(2), 44-51.

Whilst massage therapy techniques are still used within physiotherapy, massage therapy has developed as a specific complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) health service, distinct from physiotherapy, and is one of the fastest growing areas of this sector of the health industry in the United States.  New Zealand consumers are also choosing a range of complementary and alternative therapeutic approaches, including massage therapy, to satisfy their primary healthcare needs.  This paper discusses the development of massage therapy in New Zealand; explores the approaches and characteristics of massage therapy as a CAM practice; outlines the evidence for massage therapy; and identifies information relevant to the physiotherapist wishing to engage in interprofessional collaboration with a massage therapist.