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If you're in agriculture, you're in business. For students wishing to make a start on an agricultural career, the Vocational Pathways Primary Industries programme offers a good opportunity to gain sound practical foundation skills and knowledge in agriculture.

SIT's NZ Diploma in Agribusiness Management is offered via SIT2LRN distance learning and gives a foundation in core business skills such as business planning, financial management, HR, resource management and sustainability and reporting and the material is tailored to the specific requirements of the agricultural sector.

Horticulture and Landscape Design

If plants are your passion, then our range of horticulture programmes will develop your skill and equip you with industry recognised qualifications which combine theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Career opportunities for graduates include roles such as farming, gardening, organic horticulturalist, grower or landscaper.


Turn your love of art and flowers into a flourishing career. Floristry covers topics from the conditioning and preparation of products to handling, care, and customer service skills. The material cost for the course covers all the flowers and materials used to design products such as flower arrangements, corsages, hand-tied bouquets, posies and floral gifts.

Gaining an industry recognised Floristry qualification from SIT opens up opportunities to work in floristry retail, at hotels and event venues, on staff in major corporate and government organisations, or as a business owner.

SIT also offers evening courses in Floral Design for people who would like a 'taster' course to gain confidence with the art of floristry.

Programmes in Agriculture, Horticulture & Floristry at the Telford campus

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Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*


ODiploma47Agriculture, Horticulture & Floristry21Telford
OCertificate47Agriculture, Horticulture & Floristry21Telford
Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*

* STAR/Gateway programmes are only offered to NZ Secondary Schools

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Agriculture, Horticulture & Floristry courses at the Telford campus

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37 weeks 
Full Time

37 weeks Full-time


This course provides students with knowledge and appreciation of pasture and crop production and management; animal production, health and management; soil management; farm engineering and mechanisation; financial; business and marketing management; communication skills and personnel management.

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37 weeks, full-time

This programme will teach you about pastures and soils; livestock handling, nutrition, breeding and health; fencing; basic mechanics and engineering; quad bikes and tractors; working animals; chainsaws and farm forestry; sustainability; seasonal farming issues; life skills for independent living in a rural environment.

Studying agriculture at Telford gives you the opportunity to learn a variety of farming skills that will serve you well in your career. One third of the programme is on-farm work experience, one third is workshop and practical sessions to develop skill sets and one third is theory based/academic. Field trips are always an enjoyable part of the year and add another dimension to the course. 

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