Project Management, Photography and Interior Décor starting soon at SIT Telford Campus.
Publish Date: Friday, 14 February 2020

Looking to up skill this year? Enrolments are now being taken for the following blended delivery programmes at SIT’s Telford Campus: Project Management, Interior Décor and Photography. A blended delivery programme means you will study from the comfort of your own home, with your learning supplemented by a series of workshops. The workshops will give you the opportunity to meet up with your tutors and other like-minded students looking to achieve similar goals. All three programmes will run from 17th February to 12th June 2020.

Project Management


The full (60 credit) New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4) programme will be offered this year. This will provide students with an opportunity to complete the full certificate over

17 weeks. Study will include a combination of online and six face-to-face workshops scheduled from 4pm to 7pm on Fridays and 9am to Noon on Saturday mornings. This programme is for those wanting a change in career or to compliment current work by becoming more competent and efficient at running projects in any industry.

There will be an information evening for Project Management next week. You’re welcome to come along and find out more, on Monday 17th February at 5pm.  




The NZDP100 Introduction to Digital Photography paper, part of the New Zealand Diploma in Photography will be offered from 18th February to 12th June 2020. This paper will be taught by Clive Copeman, a professional photographer from Dunedin. He has an extensive background in photography and is experienced in teaching photography also. This is the perfect course to improve your photography skills and is suitable for beginners through to those who have some experience but would like to learn more. Those interested can come along to the first class on Tuesday 18th February, you’ll still be able to enrol if you’d like to carry on with the course.  Two further papers will be offered this year, please check our website for further details.

Starts Tuesday 18th February at 5pm


Interior Décor

 The Introduction to Interior Décor paper is part of the New Zealand Certificate in Interior

Décor (Level 4), will be offered again in 2020. Experienced facilitator and self-employed design consultant, Natalie King, will help facilitate your online learning and will be available

for face-to-face tutorial sessions as required. She enjoys working with students and helping them discover the joys of design. This paper will allow you to start your journey towards a new

profession or to further develop a long-held interest.