Telford Fees

Fees are payable before you start your study. The amount you pay will depend on the qualification you are enrolled in and whether you are studying on campus or by correspondence.

There are final dates that must be met if you change your qualification or withdrawn from your course of study.  Failure to meet these dates will mean that you will not be able to make changes and you will be required to pay any tuition fees incurred.

If you have any fees outstanding from the previous year (semester), you cannot continue studying or graduate until the debt is paid in full.

All fees are reviewed every year and are subject to change. 

FEES FREE for 2019

If you think you qualify for fees-free in 2019 head to to confirm this at the fees-free website. You will need to have your National Student Number on hand to check this.
Go through the checklist here to make sure you’re ready for study.

Course Fees On Campus - Full Time (New Zealand Students)

Course Fees
Agriculture (43 weeks with holidays) $ 4,049.40
Rural Vet Technician (43 weeks with holidays) $ 4,681.80
Massey Diploma in Foundation (39 weeks with holidays) $ 5,683.44
Massey Diploma (37 weeks with holidays)

$ 5,683.44

Equine (41 weeks with holidays) (Level 3) $ 2,104.00
Equine (41 weeks with holidays) (Level 4) $ 2,352.00

*Please note a Student Services Levy fee of $240.00 NZD is not included in the costs above.

Course Fees Distance Learning Students (NZ Only)

Course Fees
Telford Certificate in Agriculture Knowledge (Level 3) 435.00

Telford Certificate in Apiculture Knowledge (Level 3)

$ 435.00
Telford Certificate in Dairy Knowledge (Level 4) $ 443.00
Telford Certificate in Equestrian Knowledge (Level 3)

$ 453.00

Telford Certificate in Farriery Knowledge (Level 3) $ 473.00
Telford Certificate in Feed Management (Level 4) $ 752.00


Halls of Residence Fees (Accommodation and Meal Costs)

  Agriculture, Rural Vet Technician
(37 weeks)
Massey Diploma (Foundation)
(34 weeks)
Massey Diploma (32 weeks)    

Equine Level 3 & 4

(34 weeks)
Seven Day
(en suite)
Annual $12,114.54  $11,132.28  $10,477.44  $11,132.28 
Weekly Cost $327.42 $327.42 $327.42 $327.42
Seven Day (single room shared facilities)        
Annual $10,755.90  $9,883.80  $9,302.40  $9,883.80 
Weekly Cost $290.70 $290.70 $290.70 $290.70
Five Day
(en suite)
Annual $8,652.45  $7,950.90  $7,483.20  $7,950.90 
Weekly Cost $233.85 $233.85 $233.85 $233.85
Five Day (single room 
shared facilities)
Annual $7,682.68  $7,059.76  $6,644.48  $7,059.76 
Weekly Cost $207.64 $207.64 $207.64 $207.64

Please note that these figures are accommodation charges only. Your full basic costs (course fee and Telford Halls of Residence fee) may be calculated by combining the above accommodation figures with the tuition fees for on-campus courses, together with other fees (as applicable).

For full details of accommodation costs click here.

Common Fees & Costs for Accommodation

Halls of Residence Processing Fee : $75.00

Halls of Residence Bond: $400.00
This bond will be refunded upon departure from the Halls of Residence providing that no damage has been caused, and all accounts have been paid in full.