Bridgette Keil

Bridgette Keil

Diploma in Te Ara Reo Maori

Full time graphic designer Bridgette Keil chose to study at SIT to “build a closer link to my Maori heritage, our reo, our past, our protocols, our waiata, everything.” Bridgette explains the fact that SIT offered evening classes to account for those working full time is what really made it so easy in deciding to go back to study.

Initially Bridgette started with the Certificate in Te Ara Reo Maori, carried on through to the Advanced Certificate and then the Diploma. Bridgette adds that with the support of all her tutors and classmates, during these years, “I was also able to enrol in the Certificate of Kawai Raupapa, Certificate in Tikanga Maori, and Certificate in Te Arataki Manu Korero and the Diploma in Te Arataki Manu Korero all while working full time.

“The best part of my years studying are the many amazing people I've been lucky enough to meet and friendships I've formed, who, without SIT, I'd never have crossed paths with. Now with my confidence and knowledge of Te Ao Maori I'm more active in our Maori community including karanga, weaving, waka ama outrigging and being a member of Arahi Maori Women's Welfare League and our local marae. 

 “The tutors at SIT create such an awesome environment and atmosphere for students to be around. Choosing to study at SIT is one of the best moves I've ever made and I encourage all my whanau and friends to do the same at any chance I get.”