Congratulations to all graduating students!

Graduation is an important event that we are thrilled to celebrate with our students. Graduation ceremonies are held in March each year for MAINZ students.

Graduation Information for Students


How do I register and order my regalia?

Graduation regalia needs to be ordered by Friday 6 March 2020. Late Registrations will be $50 after this date.

I can attend

Please email: or phone her (09) 308 7558

  1. We need your name and Student ID. You will need to confirm your address
  2. Tell us you will be attending
  3. Tell us how many guests will be attending
  4. Tell us:
    1. All students your height for the black academic gown
    2. BMA and BAEP students: height and head circumference (widest part) for the trencher


I cannot attend

Please email: or phone her (09) 308 7558

  1. We need your name and Student ID. You will need to confirm your address
  2. Tell us if you are unable to attend. This means that you will graduate in absentia and we will post your qualification award to you.

Payment due Reception Level 2 before Monday 23rd March

  • Certificates (Levels 1-4) and Diplomates (students completing Level 5-6 Diploma): $30 for the gown. SIT will provide the sash.
  • Graduands - BMA/BAEP students: $75 - $30 for the black academic gown, $25 hood lined with white satin (BMA) or hood lined with fuschia (BAEP), $20 trencher.

Location: You will collect your regalia from the CAFETERIA at the DWC at 6pm.

Regalia hire cost: $30.00 for your gown and sash (cash) at time of collection (non-refundable).

  • Please return your regalia after the ceremony at the cafeteria (staff will be available to collect regalia) or the next day, at Level 2 Reception MAINZ, from 10 am to 12 noon.
  • Late return will result in a $50 penalty.
  • If your regalia is lost or damaged you will have to pay the replacement cost: Gown $350.00; Sash $110.00
  • Please come to the cafeteria by 6.00pm. (Please see dress code below)
  • Please line up in the order of your class list on the wall of the cafeteria. It is important that you remain in this order until after the ceremony
  • You will proceed into the Auditorium and staff will show you where to sit, when to stand up and how to go up onto the stage to receive your qualification.
  • After you receive your certificate you must return to your seat until the ceremony is over.
  • After the ceremony the Official Party, MAINZ staff, and graduates will go to the cafeteria for light refreshments.
  • You can meet up with your families and friends there.
  • A photographer will be available to take photographs.
  • After the refreshments you can return your regalia to MAINZ staff or return it the following day to Reception on Level 2 at MAINZ between 10am - 12noon.
  • You must ensure that you return your regalia or you will be charged the replacement cost: Gown $350.00, Sash $110.00
  • As this is a formal occasion to celebrate your achievements you are expected to wear your regalia and to dress appropriately. This means no t-shirts, no hats or beanies, no untidy jeans, sports shoes or gumboots.
  • For males- shirts and dress trousers or suits are preferred.
  • For females- dresses, skirts or dress pants are preferred.
  • Please leave all items such as handbags/cellphones with your families/friends prior to the ceremony.
  • Strictly NO smoking or alcohol, smoking, eating or chewing gum at all throughout the building, OR on any part of the School grounds

We have provided a wheelchair ramp for access into the auditorium. Access is by using GATE 3 and go through the cafeteria. There is also wheelchair access onto the stage. In the auditorium wheelchairs are seated on the far right hand side facing the stage. Please note that the disabled toilets are located away from the auditorium, down in the basement. Please advise us if you have any guests requiring special assistance.

Photographer & Video Coverage


Before/After the ceremony

A photographer will be available for individual, family and group photographs. These photographs will be available for students to view and download after the ceremony.

Prices and other details to be advised.

If you would like a formal portrait you will need to arrange that sitting yourself.