Investigation of punching process using steel and aluminium alloys
Publish Date: Sunday, 26 December 2021

Jasani Yogeshbhai, Muhammad Waseem Soomro & Neel Pandey


"This paper includes the finite element analysis of the deep drawing process with blank holder, die, and punch assembly. The main objective of this project is to determine the most important factors affecting this metal forming process, utilising the help of CAD software and FEA analysis software. In addition, the goal of this project is to generate the 3-D model for numerical simulation of the deep drawing process. Parameters are also set for the punch and die dimensions, punch velocity, friction, clamping force, and depth of drawing. A special deep drawing rig is designed to fulfill this particular project. The material of blank is affecting the process, which is expected. The cause of this will be investigated in this project. 3-D asymmetric finite elements with a selective reduced integration are used for the spatial discretization of the deformed body. The materials used in this project are general non-linear stainless steel and Aluminium alloy."


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