New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga (Level 4)

New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga (Level 4)

New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga (Level 4)

New Zealand Certificate in Tikanga (Level 4)

Tikanga is about purpose, practices, and protocols, and you will find it in every aspect of Te Ao Māori (the Māori world view).

Tikanga L4 is intended for learners who have a beginner-level understanding of, and ability in the use of, te reo

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1 year full-time

Study Modes:
On Campus

2023 Semester 1: 21 February to 21 November

Tikanga Level 4 helps focuses on developing a broader knowledge of tikanga practices within a specialised field founded on a Māori worldview. It provides an opportunity for people to learn about te ao Māori in a safe and supported learning environment based upon the legacy of nga matua tupuna.

It is also intended for those who have a desire to contribute positively to the development of te reo kia tika, te reo kia rere and te reo kia Māori, or have a personal and/or professional interest in te reo Māori.

WTMTK 401 Mana Tangata

WTMTK 402 Mana Whenua,

WTMTK 403 Mana Reo

WTMTK 404 Mana Ao Turoa

The course is structured in an integrated manner with aspects of each 401, 402, 404 taught as is found in Te Ao (The Māori world view). WTMTK is the final konae to be taught.

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