New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3) - ONLINE - Telford Distance

Qualification: Certificate
Level: 3

2020 Semester 10: 19 October to 12 February

2020 Semester 11: 23 November to 19 March

2020 Semester 12: 14 December to 11 April

2020 Semester 8: 24 August to 18 December

2020 Semester 9: 21 September to 15 January

2021 Semester 1: 18 January to 14 May

2021 Semester 2: 22 February to 18 June

2021 Semester 3: 22 March to 16 July

2021 Semester 4: 19 April to 13 August

2021 Semester 5: 24 May to 17 September


34 weeks Full-time

Up to two years Part-time

Part-time study is highly recommended

Location: Telford Distance
Credits: 65

Get into apiculture with a certification to show your skills, knowledge and ability to work safely and productively in a beekeeping environment.

You will learn to maintain, manipulate and operate beehives to produce quality products and pollination services; assist transportation of beehives and products; establish hives in new sites and carry out beehive disease management plans.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Bees and their habitat
  • Bee Manipulation
  • Requeening 
  • Honeyflow
  • Bee and Hive health
  • Bee Feeding
You will be able to manage your own beehive, enter the apiculture industry or progress in your apiculture career with this qualification.

This course is delivered online. Students will need to have access to a hive and bees and be able to take and upload video evidence for assessment purposes. 

If you don’t have bees and hives, you can enrol in the blended option but will need to be able to attend a series of weekend workshops at the Telford Campus near Balclutha. 

AP200.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.05
AP301.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0333
AP3.01.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
HS310.3 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP302.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0417
AP303.3 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP304.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP305.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
AP306.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
AP309.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0167
AP309.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
EXAM 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0417
AP307.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.125
AP307.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.0417
AP310.1 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025
AP210.2 31/08/2020 21/05/2021 0.025

AP200.1 Describe bee anatomy, bee behaviour and bee habitat

AP301.2 Construct a beehive

AP3.01.1 Describe apicultural equipment and their purpose

HS310.3 Demonstrate knowledge of safe work practices and work safely with bees

AP302.2 Work a hive over a beekeeping season

AP303.3 Swarm control

AP304.1 Demonstrate understanding of seasonal management of an apiary

AP305.1 Shift hives

AP306.2 Requeen a hive

AP309.1 Demonstrate knowledge of honey processing

AP309.2 Carry out manual honey extraction

Complete the 'American Foulbrood (AFB) recognition and destruction' course

AP307.1 Demonstrate knowledge of the main health issues associated with bees in New Zealand

AP307.2 Maintain a health beehive

AP310.1 Describe bee feeding, feeders and types of feed

AP210.2 Feed bees

This programme is completely free.

Could include:

  • Commercial apicultural worker
  • Beekeeper’s assistant
  • Junior beekeeping position
  • Starting up a small apicultural

Students will need to purchase the prescribed textbooks and equipment (bee suit, smoker, hive tool). These will not be supplied by SIT.

Students must achieve a pass in each course and  achieve a total of 65 credits as noted in the programme of study and be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Apiculture (Level 3).

  • Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand – Matheson & Reid
  • Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the use of Drugs – Goodwin
  • Control of Varroa – A guide for New Zealand Beekeepers – Goodwin & Taylor

Please note that textbooks need to be ordered at least 3-4 weeks prior to the commencement of your study