Please note, this is a STAR course, which is only available to NZ Secondary Schools via application by the school's nominated STAR / Gateway Co-ordinator

Landscape Design - SIT2LRN Distance Learning

Qualification: STAR
Location: SIT2LRN Distance Learning

Landscape Design combines elements of art and science to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing extension of indoor living to the outdoors. The following unit standards aim to provide students with the know-how to undertake a range of landscape design activities and associated operations within the horticultural sector at an entry tradesperson level. Career Pathways: Employment opportunities may include: assistant to a landscape design contractor or landscape architect, local authority horticultural divisions, horticulturalists, farmers and gardeners, or continue with further study our SIT2LRN distance learning; or apply to study on campus: Bachelor of Environmental Management, Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management or Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management

US1672 Demonstrate knowledge of pruning and training amenity trees and shrubs
Unit Level: 3
Credits: 5
Version: 6
Target Hours: 30
Learning Hours: 50

US1676 Select plants for landscaping and amenity horticulture
Unit Level: 4
Credits: 7
Version: 6
Target Hours: 42
Learning Hours: 70

US24648 Identify trees, shrubs, and climbers used in amenity horticulture
Unit Level: 3
Credits: 10
Version: 1
Target Hours: 60
Learning Hours: 100