Go Dairy - Free Farm Ready Training - Telford

Qualification: Short Course
Level: Community Learning Course

3 August 2020 - 14 August 2020 (weeks 2 and 3)

24 August - 3 September 2020 (weeks 2 and 3)

21 September - 2 October 2020 (weeks 2 and 3)


3 weeks (first week completed on-line through DairyNZ)

Location: Telford

Retrain and get into the Dairy sector! Learn about working and living on a New Zealand dairy farm, working with stock and a farm’s infrastructure, and learn how to operate farm vehicles safely.

In partnership with DairyNZ, this FREE three-week course will teach you entry-level training for a career in the dairy industry. 

You will Learn:

  • Week 1: (Online - DairyNZ) Building an understanding of working and living on a New Zealand Dairy Farm - See Dairy NZs website to register for week 1
  • Week 2: (Practical - Telford) Working with cows and farm infrastructure
  • Week 3: (Practical - Telford) Farm vehicle safety

Content of the course includes how to: 

  • manage their health and safety on farm  
  • build basic understanding and confidence in working with animals 
  • become familiar with the milking plant and milking routines 
  • understand the importance of producing quality milk 
  • introduction to the purpose of each farm vehicle, its legal requirements and its appropriate use  
  • introduction to basic maintenance and safe use of each vehicle 


CH124 (Intro Farm Safety) (0.012) 3/08/2020 - 14/08/2020
CH123 (Lifestyle Small Block) (0.024) 3/08/2020 - 14/08/2020
CH122 (Calf Rearing) (0.012) 3/08/2020 - 14/08/2020
TI124 (Animal Behaviour) (0.006) 3/08/2020 - 14/08/2020

All accommodation, meals or living costs provided. NO FEES