Please note, this is a STAR course, which is only available to NZ Secondary Schools via application by the school's nominated STAR / Gateway Co-ordinator

Early Childhood Education - SIT2LRN Distance Learning

Qualification: STAR
Location: SIT2LRN Distance Learning

The Early Childhood units aim to give students a foundation of knowledge in expected behaviours and practices that they will encounter in an Early Childhood Centre. It also gives students understanding of the development of children and how these behaviours can be inhibited or enhanced in an ECE service. Please refer to the Health Science section for further units as many are relevant for this area.

US10020 Describe personal and environmental hygiene and safety practices in an ECE service
Unit Level: 2
Credits: 2
Version: 4
Target Hours: 12
Learning Hours: 20

US10026 Demonstrate knowledge of the development and learning of children and its relevance to an ECE service
Unit Level: 3
Credits: 5
Version: 4
Target Hours: 30
Learning Hours: 50

US26712 Demonstrate knowledge of, and apply, age-related nutrition needs in providing food for a child in an ECE service
Unit Level: 2
Credits: 4
Version: 3
Target Hours: 24
Learning Hours: 40

US26715 Describe professional image and demonstrate professional behaviours required of an early childhood educator
Unit Level: 2
Credits: 3
Version: 2
Target Hours: 18
Learning Hours: 30