If you have a non-academic concern:

  1. Raise the matter with the individual involved. If the issue remains unresolved, or you are uncomfortable talking to the individual involved you may take the concern to the student counsellor, Head of Faculty, Human Rights Officer or any other staff member, who will advise you on the best means to pursue the complaint. They will refer you to the appropriate person to consider and rule on your complaint.
  2. If after you have received a written ruling on your complaint you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you will be advised by the person who ruled on your complaint on your rights to appeal to the Chief Executive.

Remember that you are entitled to have a support person present at any meeting, and SIT has an appeals process available to you if your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved.

Copies of the full complaints and appeals policies are in your Faculty Programme Handbook and available from faculty offices.