Research Forms and Resources

This section provides the forms to be used to apply for abatement towards research projects and postgraduate study. You will also find the application forms to apply for support to attend conferences, and for a grant from the publication grant for those staff who have recently had research published. Any queries, please contact Judy Fleck (extn 8788, email

If you are applying for faculty research abatement or research funding for postgraduate study, please click on this link: Postgraduate Study Research Project Application

For all other requests for faculty research abatement and/or research funding, please click on this link: SIT Research Project Application

Decisions by the Academic Board on applications for research funding are guided by the criteria set out here.

Applications for research abatement (including postgraduate study) must be accompanied by a completed Research Reporting Form. Make sure you save the completed form where you can access it again, as this form also serves as the form for your mid-year and end-of-year research reports – all you will need to do is to simply update the appropriate column. The Research Reporting Form can be found here

To apply for funding to present at a conference, please complete the Application for Conference Funding and submit this to your Faculty Research Committee. The Application for Conference Funding form can be found here.

If you have had your research published you are eligible to apply to the Publication Fund for funds to be used for research-related purposes. The completed application form should be submitted to your Faculty Research Committee. The application form for the Publication Fund can be found here.

Ethics Committee meeting dates in 2018:

  • Tuesday 26 June
  • Tuesday 31 July
  • Tuesday 11 September
  • Tuesday 6 November

Applications to the Human Research Ethics Committee must be with the secretary Judy Fleck two weeks before the meeting date,

Ethics Guidelines and Resources

All research involving human subjects needs to be approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee before it can proceed. To make an application for approval from the Ethics Committee, complete the Application for Ethics Approval form and submit this and any accompanying paperwork (e.g. information sheets, consent forms or proposed questionnaires) to Judy Fleck, secretary of the Ethics Committee.

The guidelines provide information on how to complete the application form. The sample participant information sheet and informed consent form provide an example format for accompanying documentation to support ethics applications. The Transcriber Confidentiality Agreement can be used where appropriate to enhance confidentiality for research participants. The sample student blanket ethics approval participant information sheet can be used to give guidance to student researchers who are carrying out interviews or other data collection under programme blanket ethics approval. If you have any queries, please contact the Research office.