Isabella Chapman-Reynolds
Publish Date: Sunday, 19 September 2021
Isabella Chapman-Reynolds

Equine Graduate

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Telford graduate Isabella Chapman-Reynolds is “hugely passionate” about animals, but in particular, about horses.  When the time came for her to decide where she would study, she chose Telford because she really wanted to learn more about horses and see more of the country, it was the perfect option for her. 


The Telford campus is well-equipped with excellent equine facilities - including indoor and outdoor arenas and well-organised stable blocks. The Equine programme focuses on Sport horses in areas such as exercising and training horses, preparation of a horse for an event and tending to horse and riders’ requirements at the event.


For those who want to be hands-on with horses while they study, Telford provides this opportunity amply, with the students completing theory and practical training most days, in addition to handling and riding a range of horses.


Isabella said she finds working with horses is always very rewarding, but definitely a highlight of her time at Telford was having riding lessons each week and learning how to work as a team with a horse.


“We also broke in a horse which was very exciting to see how a horse learns and how to build a relationship with a horse”


Another high point was meeting new people and making lasting friendships at the close-knit Telford community during her course.


After graduating from Telford, Isabella was able to get a position as a Polo groom. This is a seasonal job which was sadly cut short by Covid-19, but she plans to return to working with horses as soon as possible.


“My goal for the future is to continue working with horses in any way possible, hopefully training them” she said.


Isabella knows her qualification, the Certificate in Equine level 3 and 4, will help her to achieve these goals, and is looking forward to putting into practice everything she’s learned as she continues on her career path in the equine world.