Kate Wilson
Publish Date: Sunday, 19 September 2021
Kate Wilson

Diploma in Sport and Recreation

A local girl with a passion for cycling as well as sport and exercise in general, Kate Wilson said it was a no brainer to study at the Southern Institute of Technology.

“It’s in my hometown, it has the Zero Fees scheme and it had the programme I wanted to study.”

Kate finds the course to be “really good, there is always a new challenge and something new to learn.”

SIT is well equipped with excellent facilities and the Diploma in Sport and Recreation involves spending half the time in a classroom environment and half out doing physical activity. This suits Kate as she loves getting out and getting involved.

Coming straight to SIT from high school, Kate did have some experience coaching and teaching young primary aged students, especially within the cycling discipline. Her experience in this area and passion for sport and exercise, has led her to think about her future plans once she has completed her diploma. At the moment, she is thinking she will either train as a Physical Education teacher or go on to do a Masters. Whatever she chooses, Kate will attack it with as much motivation as she did in order to take out the Sport Southland Award for 2016.

“SIT has definitely changed me as a person. I am a lot more confident in my physical abilities, as well as mentally. I am willing to learn and I intend to learn as much as possible while I am here.”