Eddie Dawkins
Publish Date: Sunday, 19 September 2021
Eddie Dawkins

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise

Recent Bachelor of Sport and Exercise graduate and world champion, Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Eddie Dawkins chose to study with SIT to enhance his strengthening and conditioning knowledge, and to help him gain the skills he needed to improve his cycling.

Eddie enrolled at SIT after completing high school and with some encouragement from his, then trainer Will Payne and at that time Will was also tutoring at SIT.

Eddie says that studying and training under Will’s directive and having unlimited access to the indoor facilities at the SIT  Zerofees Velodrome, were both strong catalysts towards his career success.

Initially, Eddie wasn’t representing New Zealand very often, so his sport didn’t interfere with his study, however that soon changed and SIT continued to support his educational goals.

“Will has always had my best interests at heart,” he says.

 He has been in my ear to complete this degree since 2008.

“Even though I wasn’t completing the course in the recommended timeframe, SIT and Will have been very supportive of my study and cycling. They understood that cycling had to take precedence over everything else.”

Now looking towards the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, both Eddie and Will decided it was time to give his study a nudge towards the finish line.

Will says he has found training Eddie a rewarding experience. He has watched Eddie grow from a young man fresh out of high school with big ambitions, to a successful, world renowned cyclist with a very bright future.

“Eddie has worked extremely hard with both his cycling and study.

“He has grown up over the past years and post-cycling he will do wonderful things with his interest in the conditioning side of things.”

Eddie is thrilled to be in Invercargill for his graduation ceremony and is looking forward to continuing with study, recently enrolling in the ASCA Strength Conditioning Programme, a programme many Cycling NZ staff and coaches have also completed.

“In the future I would like to get into coaching, or perhaps pursuing another sport,” he says.