Christina Clark
Publish Date: Monday, 4 May 2020
Christina Clark

Certificate in Social Services

Christina Clark entered the Certificate in Social Services (Level 4) after having a long association with caregiving. Her parents were caregivers for Child Youth and Family which meant they had from four to six kids in the house at any one time on an emergency basis. “I got to see that side of things, and had the passion to get involved and study and make a career out of it."

A mix of the zero fees scheme and the training and skills delivered through the Certificate in Social Services drew Christina to study at SIT. During her year of Social Services Certificate in 2013 she gained a placement at Number 10 – which has now turned into an extended placement again for 2014 as Christina continues to study the SIT National Certificate in Mental Health and Addiction Support. Christina has been offered a full time 30 hour a week role at Number 10 as a Youth Worker while she studies towards her Bachelor of Social Work in 2015.

The personal journey Christina took through undertaking the courses was a memorable aspect. “Social services were amazing - a real life changing journey. It was actually more than what I thought. My expectations were high but when I got into it... I learned a lot about myself,” says Christina.

The most enjoyable aspect of the programme was the theories learned and the ability to put them into practice through the placements organised by SIT. “We also bring these experiences back to the classroom and enjoy bouncing off ideas with other people,” says Christina.