Jim Ennion
Publish Date: Monday, 4 May 2020
Jim Ennion

National Diploma in Project Management

Jim Ennion is a qualified lawyer with a Master of Laws (LLM) focusing on Southeast Asian land law issues. In order to gain knowledge and skills to coordinate and implement projects in developing nations, particularly in aiding development and land law reform in South East Asia, Jim is studying for his National Diploma in Project Management via SIT2LRN Distance Learning.

He values the flexibility distance learning offers. “I study fulltime and I also have a part-time job one day per week. I do most of my work when my kids are at school, and sometimes late at night. I try and get as much done while they are away, so that we can have plenty of quality time together when they are home.”  He feels that SIT2LRN’s diploma was more flexible and cost-effective than any other similar course he looked at in New Zealand.

Jim also enjoys the independent learning environment and easy communication with his tutors.  “The facilitators have been very helpful answering any questions I have had and have encouraged me with the work I have submitted. I have also rung my tutors when I have needed greater clarification.”

The practical aspect of integrating his studies into his work has proven to be most rewarding so far. “My favourite aspect of my study is its applicability to my current part-time work. I have been able to look at my workplace's processes and procedures through the eyes of a project manager,” he says.