Shannan Miller
Publish Date: Monday, 4 May 2020
Shannan Miller

Bachelor of Nursing graduate

Bachelor of Nursing graduate Shannan Miller completed her studies at the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) last year.
A born and bred Southlander, she also has a degree in Design majoring in Fashion.
Shannan worked as a senior caregiver and supervisor at Bainfield Park Residential Care whilst studying her nursing degree and chose SIT as she lives in Invercargill and because of the Zero Fees scheme.
“I heard about SIT because I’m from Invercargill and it’s the tertiary education in Invercargill.”
“I also heard that they had an excellent nursing programme.” 
She had no expectations before starting the course, but found the tutors approachable, knowledgeable and helpful.
“The library staff go out of their way to help you and the campus is easy to find your way around,” Shannan says.
“The placements that you complete are valuable learning experiences giving a wide range of different areas available once you graduate.”
She found some of the degree very difficult, but was able to graduate and secure a job through the New Entrance to Nursing Practice programme (NETP) tutors encouraged her to apply for.
“I am now a Registered Nurse on the Medical Ward at Southland Hospital.”
In the future, Shannan hopes to still be working at the hospital and looking into post-graduate study.