Fungai Mabonga
Publish Date: Monday, 4 May 2020
Fungai Mabonga

Master of Applied Management

Student Fungai Mabonga is currently studying the Master of Applied Management and says her expectations have been exceeded, her views expanded and she is being challenged in the best possible way. Fungai is improving her skills including researching management trends and issues, governance, business planning, strategic management and corporate social responsibility, all of which are incredibly valuable and transferable to various fields. 

“I am enjoying the discussion, debates and various experiences my fellow course mates bring. The tutors have been very professional, well prepared and helpful in guiding us in our learning, networking and industry contacts have been another great outcome of being part of this course.”

Originally from Zimbabwe, Fungai is now based in Southland and decided to undertake study at Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) as it is conveniently located, the Zero Fees Scheme makes it very affordable, and the programme itself is highly regarded and relevant to her previous experience and future goals.