Cam McLennan
Publish Date: Tuesday, 7 November 2023
Cam McLennan

SIT2LRN Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

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Cam McLennan was so close to finishing completing his studies – he had just one final dissertation topic left – when COVID-19 struck in March 2020. 

He’d been diligently working on his Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and was looking forward to finally finishing. 

But, almost overnight, his job pivoted from recruiting to ensuring staff were informed and had the necessary support and care to navigate a business restructure and change management process. 

Fortunately, SIT2LRN allowed him to take a leave of absence from his studies so he could dedicate his time to the challenges of the role. He was then able to return to his study and complete it in 2022. 

A few months later, armed with his SIT2LRN qualification and his work experiences, Cam moved to London to continue building his recruitment career, taking on a role as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for a leading luxury tour operator. 

“My study with SIT2LRN has helped me immensely as it’s not just provided me with broad foundational knowledge of the human resource and employment life cycle, but it also gave me the flexibility and capacity to apply and consolidate my learning with full-time work.  

"Most importantly, it set me up to be successful in my chosen career through current and practically applicable assignments – one of my assignments involved the delivery of a graduate recruitment plan, from which the principles for this plan I use to this day when determining how to best source candidates.” 

Cam had an interest in the value and sense of fulfilment that people got from their careers and decided he wanted to have a part in shaping that.  

That led him to the Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and SIT2LRN, which gave him the flexibility of studying while gaining practical work experience. 

“Studying remotely encouraged me to take ownership and accountability for my learning and the standards of my work, something I think is translatable to the current employment market where workplaces are embracing hybrid, remote, and flexible work patterns.”  

Cam is an advocate for SIT2LRN and believes the knowledge he’s gained from his studies will continue to assist him in the long-term.  

“I ultimately want to further my career with a management role that focuses on strategic recruitment planning, global talent management, and employer branding. And SIT2LRN has put me in the best possible position to achieve that.”