Steve Morris
Publish Date: Friday, 1 May 2020
Steve Morris

Bachelor of Environmental Management

Southlander Steve Morris has now finished his first year of the SIT Bachelor of Environmental Management and says he choose SIT for a variety of reasons. “It was close to home, ‘zero fees’ and I had heard some really good things about it from another mature student on the course and generally good things about SIT. And of course the zero fees is very important.”

Steve’s favourite aspect of the course the frequent field trip but says there much more on offer. “Its broadness and the fact that it has introduced a lot of practical things rather than just classroom learning. I do feel it offers a wealth of information, insight and understanding relating to the environment.”

The facilities and resources available during the course a huge bonus says Steve, who struggles with dyslexia. “Being a dyslexic student who was penalised under the old educational system I have been given every opportunity to learn with my disability taken into account. This was one of my biggest concerns before I began the course. It’s a nice campus and good people.”