Rachel Batley
Publish Date: Friday, 1 May 2020
Rachel Batley

Bachelor of Environmental Management

A chance reference saw Bachelor of Environmental Management student Rachel Batley move from Melbourne to Invercargill to undertake the three year degree program. “My best friend’s mum told me about SIT Zero Fees and it has made a big difference to be able to come here and do the fee-free degree course.”

Rachel views the teaching environment at SIT as one its biggest strengths due to smaller class room sizes and higher amounts of one on one interaction with tutors. “At home the classes are around 100 people so the teachers don’t know who you are and don’t help you as much. The people here are much more friendly and the second and third year students are willing to help you with course questions.”

Other highlights for Rachel include the large number of field trips/camps and practical learning included within the course and the students support available. “Really good student support – the second year students are especially helpful.”

After moving from a large city Rachel says she loves Invercargill and what it has to offer. “I love Invercargill, it’s so cute! I got sick of the city life. You can walk everywhere here and the rents are so cheap!”

Future goals for Rachel are to work as an environmental manager - something she knows her SIT qualification will help her into.