Chloe Branks
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Chloe Branks

New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering

Chloe Branks had no previous experience in anything even remotely related to engineering when she decided to enrol in the New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering at Southern Institute of Technology (SIT). 

“I chose Mechanical Engineering because after thinking about doing a trade for a long time, I decided engineering looked fun and interesting, and why not give it a go.”

Smashing stereotypes, Chloe has come out of her year of study as the top student, walking straight into an apprenticeship. Tutor Bruce Hartley cannot speak highly enough of Chloe. “Chloe is not only the top student on this year’s course, but is the best pre-trade engineering student I have taught. Her ability in the machine shop rivals that of apprentices attending their final year block course. I am confident that Chloe will become an exceptional tradesperson and an asset to the industry.”

Chloe had previously tried studying a couple of other courses after leaving school but hadn’t found her niche until this year, studying mechanical engineering. Knowing she wanted to do something hands on that would give her a skill she could use for the rest of her life, mechanical engineering fit the bill, and she has enjoyed the course immensely.

“The tutors were great and not only taught me the content, but gave me a passion for the trade and a really good foundation to start my future career.”

Especially enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of her classes, Chloe appreciated that while the tutors had the skill and experience to answer all the questions the students threw at them, they were also easy to get along with and to have a joke with, which made it easier to learn and succeed as you were having fun doing it.

The workshops at SIT have everything an engineering workplace in the real world would have which makes the transition into the workplace that much easier.

Chloe will be focusing on her apprenticeship and becoming a qualified tradesperson for the next couple of years. Looking forward to working in an industry she enjoys, she hasn’t ruled out completing further study once her apprenticeship is finished, but the main thing for Chloe is to enjoy her work.