Study Chinese Language at SIT

SIT in association with the Confucius Institute at University of Canterbury are pleased to offer a series of Chinese Language classes. The courses are suitable for anyone interested in Chinese language and culture and, in particular, anyone contemplating travelling or working in China or any other Chinese speaking regions.

Our beginner level evening classes cater for those with no previous experience and some experience. Gain the basic skills and knowledge for learning the Chinese language and culture including:

  • Acquire a vocabulary of 200 words for basic conversational use
  • Reading and understanding the short texts and dialogues with assistance of Pinyin
  • Learning and writing initials and finals in the Pinyin alphabet, the four tones marks, and simple characters
  • Giving information about self and family, and talking about basic personal and social information in a face to face situation
  • Learning culturally acceptable ways to perform the basic social functions such as greetings and farewells