Jordan Harris
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Jordan Harris

Hokonui Tertiary High School Engineering and Automotive Pre-trade programme with SIT

An opportunity to enjoy a brief look into a trade that interested him, sent Jordan Harris on a voyage of self-discovery and into employment in the motor trade.

While at College, Jordan was offered the opportunity to further his interest in engineering through the Hokonui Tertiary High School Trades Academy Programme.

This opportunity gave him a brief look into the industry, and ultimately entry into the automotive trade.

As part of his experience through the Trades Academy and his high school Gateway Programme, Jordan was offered a job at Mobil Te Anau, where he continues to work today.

“I was encouraged to enrol in the automotive pre-trade course at SIT, before I signed up as an apprentice, as it teaches you valuable skills/ tricks and info about the motor trade,” he says.

This additional study through the Southern Institute of Technology has given Jordan a strong pathway into the trade, giving him the knowledge and skills he needs to excel, not to mention a good outlook on what to expect from the industry in the future.

“While studying at SIT, I enjoyed the hands-on, practical learning environment the course provided.”

Jordan is doing so well in his chosen industry, that he was recently awarded the 2018 Southern Region Motor Trade Association Top Apprentice Award.

Apprentices must be nominated by their employers in order to enter the competition. As part of that, the Motor Trade Association (MTA) obtain an overview of the apprentices progress report from MITO New Zealand and the apprentice answers questions ,based on personality, attitude and the motor trade industry. They must also talk about their future ambitions in the industry says Jordan.

“ To win the award is amazing and proves that hard work pays off,” he says.

Jordan was very humbled to receive the award, as he didn’t think that he would win.

“Words cannot explain how happy and overwhelmed I was.

 “I cannot thank the people around me enough for making it possible.”

Jordan is currently employed at Mobil Te Anau as a mechanic/tow truck driver.