Lachland Hickford
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Lachland Hickford

Young Leader: I want to see where the music takes me

As a new decade dawns, Stuff is running a five-part series on New Zealand's young leaders. Education reporter Lee Kenny met with five exceptional and inspirational Kiwi teenagers to hear their hopes and fears for the years to come.

The OE is a right of passage for many Kiwis and 18-year-old Lachlan Hickford is already looking forward to jetting overseas when he completes his studies. 

The guitarist and sound engineer has just finished his final year at Christchurch's Hornby High School, where he was head boy in 2019, and named Dux and awarded the Laurine White Trophy for Music in November. He plans to head to England, Australia or "wherever the music business is thriving" once he completes his audio production degree. 

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