Young women awarded trades top prizes
Publish Date: Monday, 1 June 2020
Young women awarded trades top prizes
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At SIT’s Annual Award Ceremony many outstanding young women received awards for their excellent contribution in the trades sector. The following young women were all celebrated for achieving the top awards in their classes:

  • Nicola Brunold, Certificate in Pre-trade Joinery Laminex
    • NZ Award for 2019 for Top Student – Joinery Pre-employment
  • Fernanda Ehrat Meinert, Diploma in Architectural Technology
    • 2019 ADNZ – Southland Branch Award for Best Presented Resolved Residential Design – Year 1 NZ Diploma in Architectural Technology (Level 6)
  • Lynley Lott, New Zealand Certificate in Construction (Joinery)
    • Building and Construction ITO Award for the most improved student in Joinery Pre-Trade
  • Brianna Morrison, New Zealand Certificate in Construction (Carpentry)
    • Southland Registered Master Builders’ Association Award for the top student in Carpentry Pre-Trade, Group 3
  • Rafaela Poffo, Architectural Technology Diploma
    • John Edmond Centennial Scholarship Fund Award for the Most Outstanding and Deserving Diploma Student

“As a woman who has the opportunity and encouragement to study, I believe we should assist other women to do it as well, so we can continue to conquer our space in the trades, or wherever we want, on our way to equity,” said Fernanda Ehrat Meinert.