Certificate in Pre Entry to the Bachelor of Nursing

Qualification Certificate in Pre Entry to the Bachelor of Nursing
Level 4

January and July


23 weeks full time

Location Invercargill

Course Outline

The programme aims to provide you with the opportunity to develop attitudes, knowledge and skills to be considered for entry to the Bachelor of Nursing.  Knowledge and skills are also relevant to a variety of health and care occupations.

Course Content

PEN101 Personal and Professional Study Skills

PEN1011   Personal and Professional Study Skills

1279      Write in plain English


PEN102 Communications and Computing

- Elective Option

Students choose either NZQA Unit 2784 OR 2786 below

2784        Create and use a simple computer spreadsheet to solve a problem


2786        Create and use a simple computer flatfile database to solve a problem


3491        Write a report

PEN1021 Communications and Computing


PEN103 Applying Theory and Practice

167         Practise food safety methods in a food business

26551   Provide first aid for life threatening conditions

26552   Demonstrate knowledge of common first aid conditions and how to respond to them

PEN1031   Applying Theory and Practice


Elective Option

Students choose either 528 or 20473 for PEN103 plus all other NZQA unit standards and locally developed units


528           Demonstrate survival techniques for a civil defence emergency


20473        Rescue casualties at ground level using civil defence general rescue techniques


5012          Demonstrate musculoskeletal care and handle people safely in a health or disability setting

IHS105        Describe the human cardiovascular system

IHS110     Describe the integumentary system of the human body

IHS107        Describe the human musculoskeletal system

PEN1032    Introduction to relaxation massage


PEN104 Introduction to Foundations of Health and Social Sciences

Student Gallery

Career Opportunities

This programme provides the knowledge and basic academic skills to enable successful students an opportunity to apply for the Bachelor of Nursing programme. The skills gained within this programme enable consideration for other health-related programmes including Massage.

Application Criteria

All applicants should demonstrate a keen interest in health and have academic attributes which demonstrate that applicants have a reasonable likelihood of successful completion of the programme.


School Leavers

Applicants should be a minimum of 16 years of age with a minimum of four years secondary education. School leavers should have attained a minimum of 12 credits at NCEA Level 2 in each of four subjects.


International Students

Students for whom English is a second  language  will need to meet one of the criteria below as specified by NZQA rules:

IELTS test

TOEFL Paper based



Internet based


University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations


Score of 5.5

with no band score lower than 5

Score of 530

with an essay score of 4.5 TWE

Score of 71 or higher

with a writing score of 20



CAE with a score of 47 or higher

Level 3 with an endorsement of either General, Workplace, or Academic

Satisfactory Completion

For students to be considered to have satisfactorily completed this programme, and be eligible for award of the qualification, “Certificate in Pre Entry to the Bachelor of Nursing”, they must have:

  • Attended for not less than 80% of the timetabled class hours and other activities for all of  the locally developed units.
  • Attended for not less than 100% for NZQA unit standard 528, “Demonstrate Survival Techniques for a Civil Defence Emergency”, or NZQA Unit Standard 20473 entitled “Rescue casualties at ground level using Civil Defence general rescue techniques” within the module entitled “Applying Theory and Practice”.
  • Attended for not less than 90% for all other NZQA Unit standards as specified.
  • Completed all summative assessment requirements and demonstrated competence in the NZQA unit standards and modules as specified.
  • This amounts to successful programme completion of 90 credits for the Certificate in Pre Entry to the Bachelor of Nursing.

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