Certificate in Kawai Raupapa - Introduction to the Arts

Qualification Certificate in Kawai Raupapa, Introduction to the Arts
Level 3

February and July


20 weeks full time

Location Invercargill

The content of this programme comprises a basic understanding of Maori art principles as it applies to both traditional and contemporary Maori contexts. Including safe practice and workspace management. The Kawai Raupapa programmes provides a tactile environment allowing you the flexibility to learn by practice making beautiful taonga (ornaments) using one of Aotearoa's most loved plants, the harakeke (flax), and also the origin of mahi toi and how is applied to Te Ao Maori and Te Ao hurihuri.

Course Outline

The programme will allow students to begin to explore ideas through drawing and media, to recognise the design process, to use drawing to record development, to use a journal/workbook to help develop and extend ideas, to recognise some aspects of cultural practice (waiata, kawa, tikanga), to explore own whakapapa, to explore ideas through media, to identify basic techniques and begin to apply these to make work, to use a variety of media and techniques, to follow safe workshop practice, to present work under some direction and to practice basic time management.

Course Content

CKR101   Myth and Legend

CKR102   Indigenous Culture and Whakapapa

CKR103   Mana Whenua and Turangawaewae

CKR104   Whakatauki and Waiata

Student Gallery

Application Criteria

A minimum of 16 years of age, with a minimum of three years secondary education. A keen interest in the arts. Academic and attitudinal attributes which demonstrate that applicants have a reasonable likelihood of successful completion of the programme. 

Target groups may include:

  • School aged students for whom schooling no longer holds any interest - or who wish to pathway immediately into the arts at a young age
  • Community groups who have a project which they would like to bring to fruition with the support of an experienced Kaiako/tutor and within the structure provided by SIT
  • Anyone who is looking to explore their whakapapa or sense of connection
  • People who have an interest in the arts but haven’t been able to finance this interest or who don’t have time to give to something which is ‘fulltime"

Satisfactory Completion

For students to be considered to have satisfactorily completed this programme, and be eligible for award of the qualification "Certificate in Kawai Raupapa, Introduction to the Arts", they must have attended for not less than 80% of the timetabled class hours and other scheduled learning activities relating to the programme, completed all scheduled course work requirements and assessments and successfully completed assessment requirements for all modules and achieved a total of 60 credits.



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