DoDream Foundation Scholarship
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$5000 per year
DoDream Foundation
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Do Dream Foundation is a non-religious charitable group to aid young people who are struggling financially to pursue their dreams. Unfortunately, many of us cannot “afford” to pursue our dreams. A lot of us change our dreams to suit our reality. There is no right or wrong way to travel through life. It is not wrong to give up your dream, to have a stable job, because some of us cannot afford to continue chasing our dream without getting any income. We all have to make hard decisions that affect our dreams at some point in our lives. We believe that all choices are the right choices.

In saying that, Do Dream Foundation believes everyone deserves a “fair go” at their dream and that is why we are here to offer small contribution. Wouldn’t it be great making small steps towards your dream in the earlier stages of your life? Shouldn’t we at least have one good go at our dream?

We cannot fully take away the financial pressure, but we would like to offer financial help (NZD $5,000 / year / person) for young people (aged between 16 and 29) for the entire duration of their course/degree/apprenticeship - not limited to university courses. It can be any apprenticeships or courses, including building/plumbing/fitness industry etc. This can be used to pay tuition/training fees or could be used for living expenses, in some circumstances.

We are also interested in building a community, where people are well connected and able to help/mentor each other. To do this, we are hoping, the recipients of the financial aid will be able to financially aid one new recipient, once they are finished with their course/degree/apprenticeship. We firmly believe that if we have received help from someone, we should give out the help to the others, so the cycle continues…

What you need to apply:

1. Fill out the application form :

2. Cover letter

3. CV

4. Two letters of recommendations

5. Proof of identification = Passport/Drivers Licence/18+ card & appropriate visa to work/study and stay in NZ, if not NZ resident/citizen. (Officially approved copy e.g. approval from a Justice of the Peace)

6. Proof of current address

7. Proof of enrollment/intention for your: Course, Degree or Apprenticeship

Please send the following documents via email, to

We will notify you via email regarding details of final interviews, before selection of a recipient.