DJ Mixing and Turntablism - Invercargill

Qualification: Short Course
Level: 5

To be advised


15-17 Weeks full time

Location: Invercargill
Credits: 15

On successful completion of the paper students will be able to:

  •  Explain the origins and history of DJ practice.
  •  Identify, explain, setup and use the different equipment often used by a DJ.
  • Perform basic maintenance on user serviceable parts.
  • Demonstrate musical features and techniques including, but not limited to (range: counting BPM, match tempos of two or more songs, mix between two songs, perform a range of scratches, perform basic 4/4 beat juggle, manipulate a track, create a loop, create and use hot keys or cue points)
  • Identify a range of different scratches by ear.
  • Explain and identify potential hazards associated with DJ practice and working environments.

  • History and philosophy
  • Equipment
  • Beat matching and mixing
  • Scratching
  • Using the AKAI MPC
  • Communications
  • OSH guidelines
  • Tax and getting paid

Please note this programme is not Government funded and the Zero Fees Scheme does not apply. Cost is $250 (incl GST) for the course.

If studying as part of an Audio or Music degree, cost is $185 (incl GST) for the course.

Fees will be invoiced to you upon enrolment and must be paid before you commence the programme.