Certificate in Wool Technology (Level 4) - SIT2LRN Distance Learning

Qualification: Certificate
Level: 4

Dates to be confirmed


Part-time over 18 months. Each course runs for 17 weeks (15 teaching weeks, 2 holiday weeks)

Location: SIT2LRN Distance Learning
Credits: 60

This programme is designed to enable you to gain a job or progress within the wool industry. It teaches knowledge and practical skills needed to work with wool, about the New Zealand wool industry and the sheep farming systems which produce wool, and will help increase confidence and satisfaction in your work.

You will learn about wool metrics, develop wool classing skills, and knowledge about working in the industry, including supervision of wool preparation staff.

Topics covered: Wool Value Chain, Wool Classification, Working in the Wool Industry, Computing & Communication

The Certificate in Wool Technology programme is comprised of four courses and an onsite block course.

1. WOSC 041 Wool Value Chain (15 credits)
  • Wool Production;
  • Sheep  Breeds;
  • Organisations  within  the  NZ  Wool  Industry  (Brokers;  Private  Merchants; Exporters; Scourers and Test Houses)
  • Wool Processing Systems
2. WOSC 041 Wool Classification (15 credits)
  • Assessment  of  Wool  Parameters  (Fineness,  Yield, Colour, Length and Strength)
  • Oddment Identification
  • Grading and Classing
  • Wool  Terminology
  • Breed  Recognition
3. WOSC 041 Working in the Wool Industry (15 credits)
  • Classing Systems in New Zealand and Australia
  • Quality Systems (Wool Testing and Wool Typing
  • Staff Supervision
  • Professional Ethical Standards
  • Health and  Safety  Systems
  • Working with people of other cultures
  • Kaitiakitanga (Land and Water)

4. WOSC 041 Computing & Communications (15 credits)
  • computing fundamentals
  • professional communication skills
Block Course
Teaching is delivered mainly via distance learning, but students will attend a block course once over the 18 month duration of the programme. Block courses will be held in 2020 (venues are Christchurch for South Island students and Napier for North Island students, dates to be confirmed later in 2019).
Wool Production;
Sheep Breeds;
rganisations within the NZ Wool Industry (Brokers; Private Merchants;
and Test Houses) along with the Wool Processing Systems

$341 per 17 week course

  • Wool industry employee or entrant, or a wool classer working for: 
    • Wool broker/merchant 
    • Wool scourer 
    • Wool grower
  • Shearers & Rouseys

An applicant must demonstrate a reasonable likelihood of success at Level 4 distance study. The process for ascertaining student suitability includes at least one of the following: previous study history, letter of intent, interview.


Students receive study modules along with assessment booklets and will complete a set of assignments for each course.